Over the last few years their has been an increase in Ransomware attacks and infections. Bad actors and criminal organization are finding this infection type on activities very lucrative. These attacks can be random or target with purpose. Hospital, Municipality, Governments, Energy/Utilities Retail, finance and small business are all fair game.

It starts by compromising your PC, local area networks,external devices, and cloud storage with Trojans, viruses, spyware, ransomware, adware, rootkits, worms.

Ransomware can infect your environment in a few different ways.
Compromised Websites
Email and Email Attachments
Malicious software
Downloading drivers from un-trusted manufactures and vendors
Banner Ads
Pop up adds by accessing a compromised site

It can spread throughout your environment rapidly encrypting your files and storage. It can also delete or encrypt PC system restore points.

There has been many instances where companies have paid and still not received there files back or partial and damaged files.

How can Kojac Managed IT Services help reduce or minimize your risk.
We conduct vulnerability assessment of your local environment.
Review your and test your backup process
Malware software review
Local users privileges
We also look at your main board for UEFI boot
We also offer phone and remote support

We develop a custom action plan to prevent and minimize your risk. We also provide educational training to better understand the process and how to minimize your risk factors.