Don’t Let Bad Actors Access Your Credentials.

You might think that we are just a small business and have nothing to offer cyber criminals or bad actors, well you are wrong !

No matter what size your business in the cycle of exploitation, start with your employees creating user account and login to a site or sites that has been compromised.

Every time a users credentials ends up on the Dark web this puts your organization at risk and the longer the credential are exposed on the dark web the more bad actors will have access to them and potentially access to your network, devices or accounts on line.

How do my credential end up on the dark web ?

This happens when a 3 rd party server is compromised. Such as, Facebook, Linked in, Adobe, Dropbox, Facebook, Door Dash these are just few of the 30,000 plus websites that have been reported and documented. Once your account has been compromised not only are your user names and passwords exposed you personal or business security question may have been exposed.

So what you plan of action ?.

We can assist you in developing a plan that will help identify, your specific industry complacency and regulations, type of breach that may have occurred and remediation actions, we can also assist in creating and document the process for your organization. We can also help educate you staff to bring better awareness to the ever-growing problem.

Tools & methodology

We utilize some of the best tools in the industry and always follow industry best practices, we also provide monitoring reporting for your business.